Legal Fees

I am no longer a legal aid provider and my legal fees vary depending upon the nature of the work involved and urgency.



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Barrister & Solicitor

If you have access to the internet you can pay by credit card (including Master Card, Visa, American Express and debit cards) or online banking.

I cannot estimate fees until I have heard your story and understand what the case really involves, so you will need to make an appointment first.

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I promise I will NEVER send a junior lawyer to Court to represent you.

I promise to make every effort to personally attend to your matter and appear in Court on your behalf, if however, I am unable to (for example I have to be in two places at one) I shall instruct a lawyer who has at least 10 years experience to appear in Court.

Legal fees are usually charged at an hourly rate that reflects the complexity and urgency of matters.

This means if you want to see me in the weekend it will cost slightly more than if you want to see me during normal officer hours.

Similarly, if you have an urgent matter and I stay up all night working on your case, the cost will be higher than otherwise.

Sundry items or disbursements shall be in addition to legal fees (fax, post, photocopying, toll calls and Court filing fees)

While it is difficult to accurately predict the precise amount you can expect to pay for your matter, an estimate can be given and in some circumstances a set fee may be offered.

Estimates are generally given based on the number of hours your case is likely to take which will result in achieving optimum results for you. Please realize that the more time and effort that I put into your case the better the results will be.

For criminal or traffic matters, sometimes (depending on your matter) I may be able to offer you a set fee rather than charge you on hourly basis. That way you will know exactly what you have to pay, this will be discussed at your initial interview/consultation.

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