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Drink Drive Lawyer

Naomi Cramer over 20 years experience.
Raised in Rotorua, Naomi is very much in touch with the real world, is culturally sensitive, down to earth and understanding. She will not sugar coat your legal position to lure you to engage her as your lawyer but explains your rights and gives you an honest appraisal of your legal position. She can explain complex legal matters in plain English that you can understand.

Naomi is a keen advocate of Indigenous Peoples Rights and Animals Rights and has written submissions to Parliament regarding theses issues advocating legislative change and is LGBT friendly.

She also supports Greenpeace, the Doogue de Bordeaux rescue club, SAFE ,UNICEF, the Forest & Bird Society and has been a volunteer at both the Citizens Advice Bureau and Women’s Refuge.

Naomi enjoys outings to the theater, the ballet, horse riding and getting out in nature..

Naomi specialises in traffic law having practised in this area for more than 20 years. She also serves the greater Auckland region as and when her services are called upon by her extensive client database.

We understand that entrusting your future with a lawyer is a decision that involves careful thought, which is why if you are thinking of legal representation, rest assured knowing you have the knowledge and guidance of a true professional reinforced by the strength of numerous professional legal associations and memberships Naomi is affiliated with. Click Here to Find Out More About Naomi Cramer’s professional legal associations and memberships.

If you are facing Court charges, Naomi will make you feel comfortable every step of the way.  As a consummate professional your goals become hers, with customer service as our top priority.

It has always been Naomi’s philosophy to approach whatever you do in life with bold enthusiasm and pure dedication. Complement this with her genuine passion for equal justice and rights for all and you have the formula for success.

With extensive experience, an analytical eye for detail, and continuing legal education Naomi’s skill set will maximise your legal rights whilst offering a holistic approach that best fits your individual needs. This is further enhanced with her high level of support and understanding. Naomi will redefine what you expect from your legal professional, facilitating a seamless experience from start to finish.

Her approachable and adaptive demeanor serves her well when working with the diverse cultures that make up the Auckland region.

Blend her open and honest approach to her transparent process and you can see why she routinely delivers the satisfying results her clients deserve.

If you want to maximise your legal rights, we recommend you book an appointment with Naomi today so she can detail the steps for you to achieve your goals.

First Time Drink Driving Offence NZ

Dont Let A Criminal Conviction Destroy Your Life. Do Not Plead Guilty Until You Have Had Your Case Carefully Considered By A Traffic Law Specialist.

Contrary to popular belief the Clean Slate Act does NOT remove criminal convictions, it just allows you to not declare them in certain special circumstances. Criminal convictions including Drink Driving Convictions are with you for life.
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Drink Driving Defences NZ

2011: Trust Account Supervisor Certificate

2010: Flying Start Programme Certificate

2001: Diploma of Litigation Skills

1998: Duty Solicitor

1997: Enrolled as a Barrister & Solicitor of the High Court

1997: Professional Bar Exams (Auckland)

1997: Bachelor of Laws Degree L.L.B.
Drink Drive Lawyer Auckland
Traffic Lawyer - Drink Driving Expert
Drink Drive Lawyer
Traffic Lawyer - Drink Driving Expert
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AVOID A CONVICTION, Drive Drive Expert, Traffic Lawyer with over 20 years experience. You deserve the best representation when your entire life is at risk of severE penalties and permanent criminal record.


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