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Naomi Cramer Is A Highly Skilled Auckland Family Lawyer.

Naomi was Admitted to The High Court As A Barrister & Solicitor Over 20 Years Ago in 1997 & Has Gained Thousands of Hours of Court Experience.


We Work Hard To Maintain Our Reputation and Are Dedicated to Delivering The Best Outcome For You.

New Clients Are Strictly Limited To A Maximum of 3/Week This Ensures We Can Fully Devote The Time and Care To Your Case.

NO JUNIOR LAWYERS: Your Family is Too Precious to Risk a Junior Lawyer Handling Your Case. Unlike Most Law Firms We Do Not Employ Any Junior Lawyers. You Can Relax and Rest Assured That Only A Highly Experienced Senior Family Lawyer Will take Care Of Your Court Case For You.

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Areas of Legal Expertise:

Custody & Child Contact

If Your Matter Is Urgent, for Example a Child’s Safety is at Risk Due to Violence At Home or Drugs Contact Us Now Call 09 213 9984

We May Be Able To Make An Urgent Application to the Family Court Seeking for Interim or Temporary Orders to be Made Immediately. Do Not Wait Because The Longer You Wait The Harder It Will Be for us To Persuade a Judge To Make Orders in Your Favour Straight Away.

The other party will then subsequently have the opportunity to respond.

If Parents Are Unable To Agree On Custody or Child Care Arrangements then a Family Court Judge Will Need to Decide At A Hearing After Considering The Evidence & Applying The Law.

We Have a Very Good Track Record Successfully Settling Family Disputes Out of Court by Agreement with Approximately 85% of our Cases being Resolved  by Robust Negotiations Which Usually Involves a Round Table Meeting. This Approach Saves Our Clients From The Significant Legal Costs of a Full Court Hearing.


Guardianship Rights Are Automatically Conferred to the Mother & Father of The Child / Children. These Cover Matters Such As Schooling, Education, Health Care, Overseas Travel.

Both Parents Have A Legal Duty To Consult With One Another & Are Expected To Keep Each Other Informed & Updated About These Important Issues.

If You Want To Change Schools You Must Discuss This With The Other Parent & Obtain Their Consent, Preferably In Writing First.

If You Want To Relocate Out of Auckland or The Town Where You Currently Reside, You Will Need The Other Parent’s Consent .

We Have Encountered Difficulties In The Past Where One Parents Has Verbally Consented Then Changed Their Minds About Relocating To A Different Country or Town.

We Strongly Advise You To Obtain This Consent In Writing, Preferably Signed & Witness By A Family Lawyer.

If All You Have is A Text Message or Email Please Keep It Because It Is Evidence That Can Be Used in Court & Is Better Than Nothing.

If It Is Too Late & The Mother or Father Has Already Moved Contact Us To Obtain Advice on Applying To The Family Court For Urgent Orders For The Child’s Return.

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By conducting negotiations and round table meetings, we encourage parties to arrive at an agreed solution which saves our clients time and money.

It is also preferable that the parents who know about their own children’s needs come to an agreement which suits everybody as opposed to having a Judge dictate a child care arrangement which may not suit either parent.

We seek child focused solutions which are in the best interests of the child and negotiate seeking out of Court agreements.

Family Violence

Family Violence is Not OK

We can help you to apply for a Protection Orders which automatically covers your children.

Whether you are applying for a Protection Order or defending Orders, we offer practical advice and steps you can take to enhance your legal position.

If you or your children are in danger call the police.

If you have any injuries we strongly recommend you see a Doctor as soon as possible, as he/she will be able to assist us with Court proceedings by adducing medical evidence.

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Urgent Family Matters

We can act swiftly for all urgent matters when a child’s the safety is at risk due to violence, neglect or drugs.

We are willing to work evenings and weekends to ensure children are kept safe. Please Contact Us. We are available outside normal office hours to assist.

We Often Have Grandparents Contacting Us Seeking Urgent Family Court Orders To Remove Children From Unsafe Situations.

Other Relations Can also Apply to The Family Court For Orders in Their Favour such as Aunties & Uncles.

Parents However Have The Primary Responsibility For The Care Of Their Children & Therefore Orders Made Are Usually Interim or Temporary Until The Child’s Mother & /or father Have Addressed Their Issues such as Completing A Drug & Alcohol Counseling or Anger Management Course.

Have you been served with Court documents. We know exactly what to do and can help you defend orders / applications made against you.

We have experience with adopting children within New Zealand.

We Have No Experience With Immigration Law Therefore If You Are Seeking To Adopt A Child or Children From Overseas and Want To Bring Them to New Zealand We Recommend You See A Lawyer That Specializes in Both Immigration & Family law.

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The Five Most Common Mistakes people often make before, during and after a child custody battle.

The number one mistake  is not allowing the other parent to see the children. Please refrain from this. Family judges will favor the parent who will foster the parent-child relationship unless there are safety concerns due to violence or drugs.

Keeping children away from the other parent is termed parental alienation and is frowned upon by family Judges.

Avoid this and instead try and provide for some parenting time for the children to have with the mother or father.

I see this all the time where the mother or father had previously permitted parenting time with no problems at all, then all of a sudden, as soon as they find out the other parent gets a new girlfriend/boyfriend the visits stop, the parenting time stops.

There’s no reason for this if you’re not in genuine fear of the children being harmed, its just being done out of spite and what most parents don’t realize is that they are actually hurting their own child.

Similarly, preventing the child from seeing one side of the family is also common.

Another thing that will hurt your child in an attempt to harm the other parent is talking negatively about their mother or father, or that side of their family in front of the child. These issues are often raised in evidence.

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The second mistake is making allegations that cannot be substantiated.

We see this all too often in child custody disputes, claims that the dad is on drugs, claims the mum is on drugs, claiming that they have a huge list of criminal convictions and things of that nature and then none of those claims could be proven.

If you’re going make allegations, and we have seen allegations of molestation when there nothing was going on. You cannot make allegations like that you have to be able to substantiate whatever you’re alleging you have to be able to back up with evidence.

The third mistake is allowing your child to call someone mum or dad.

Do not do that to your child. There is only ever going to be one mum and there is only ever going to be one dad. You should not be asking your child to call your new girlfriend or new wife “mummy”.

Nor should you yourself be calling the stepfather or your new boyfriend husband “dad” in front of your child either.

The fourth mistake is not being an active part of your child’s lives.

You have to be an active part of the child’s lives, that means showing up to the netball/rugby games, showing up to after school activities, showing up to the school and see what’s going on with your children.

If you’re involved in family proceedings and fighting for custody but don’t even know the teachers names, don’t know what doctor they are enrolled at ,don’t  know the last time there was a PTA parent-teacher meeting, it seems like you’re not interested in your child.

You have to be an active part of your child’s life, if you’re not able because the other party is not allowing it  then that’s when you call a lawyer, but if you don’t bother going to the mediation at the Family Dispute Resolution service when invited or didn’t file an application or response with the family court or didn’t want to hire a lawyer then its not going to reflect well on you.

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Changing Lawyers

Finally we often get calls from people looking for a new family lawyer because their current lawyer doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

You need to be aware that the family Court is a slow process and you can easily expect to wait at least a year before a date is allocated for a hearing.

Changing lawyers frequently, is not a good look. Changing your lawyer more than once or twice will tend to leave a negative impression about you.

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These guidelines are or people, usually parents, involved in custody disputes about their children who are going through a family court case but don’t have a lawyer to explain things to them.

This may also assist  in other types of family court cases such as those involving your finances during a divorce.

As a family lawyer I’m in the Auckland family court alot and I know that going to court is stressful enough as it is, and must be even more so if you don’t have a lawyer to represent you and explain things.

You will probably find it hard to understand what’s going on because of all the legal jargon, words like adjourn, a section 132 report, may seem like everyone else is speaking a different language, the language of law.

You could leave the Courthouse feeling confused about what just happened.

Legal documents and everything that’s said in the family court are confidential and must not be passed on to anyone else.

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Support Person

If you bring a friend or family member with you, they might be able to enter and sit quietly but they are not permitted to speak on your behalf, only lawyers can do that, lawyers represent people.

You will need to get the consent of the other party first, you do so by asking their lawyer, so you don’t have to speak directly to your ex husband or wife to see if they would allow your friend to come into the Courtroom when the case is called.

Also, it’s generally better not to bring your new partner or someone who’s taken sides in the separation or divorce with you as it will make the atmosphere more difficult and they may not be permitted to come into court which would leave you on your own.

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You will be issued a notice advising of the date and time you matter will be called, occasionally the venue will change.

I have experienced Manukau court matters being heard at Papakura and even Pukekohe on a number of occasions, and the Auckland Court has a habit of changing from the 5th floor to the 9th. You will be given notice of any such changes.

Your matter will be allocated a time slot. For example you may have been issued a 15 minute directions conference at 2:15pm.

Please do not assume that you will be finished at 2:30pm and will be able to pick your children up from school.

It is possible that you could be there all day so make child care arrangements allowing for this..

Also do not bring your children with you unless the court has asked you to do so. You will almost certainly not be able to bring them into the courtroom unless it’s a very young baby and you have no other option.

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Auckland Court

In my opinion the Auckland District Court is very poorly signposted.

I see people wondering around all the time and I know that they’re not sure where to go. The Auckland Court has over 12 floors.

The family court will be on either the 5th or 9th floor but if you want to submit any legal documents or talk to a family court registrar you will need to go to level 6.

Do not go up the escalators unless you have been summons to appear for a criminal charge.

After you have gone through the security at the Courthouse entrance, look as far back as you can and try to locate the lifts and catch them to the floor your case has been assigned to, usually the 5th or 9th floor.

Manukau Court is easier, most of the family law matters are upstairs above the cafe.

Family law cases in The North Shore District Court located in Albany are also upstairs.

Waitakere Court in Henderson deals with Family matters on the second floor.

We hope that these tips are able to help you gain a legal advantage when it comes to custody disputes about your child.

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