Vaccinating  Children

Vaccination of children is a guardianship matter and in accordance with the Care of Children Act 2004 both guardians have a legal obligation to consult and discuss and make joint decisions.

The mother of a child is automatically a guardian. 

The child’s father is a guardian if one or more of the following applies :

  1. He is recorded as the child’s father on their birth certificate (from 1 July 2005 onwards)
  2. From conception until birth of the child, he was married to (or in civil union with) the mother.
  3. He was living with the mother at any time between conception and birth (if child conceived from 1 July 2005 onwards)

If you are a father and do not fit into any of the above categories you can apply to the Family Court to be appointed as a guardian.

If an agreement cannot be reached between the child’s guardians, usually the mother and father, then Court proceedings may be necessary for a Family Court Judge to decide, for example whether or not the child should be vaccinated.



You have a right to make an informed decision and give your informed consent but this is not happening.

Our Freedom of Speech is disappearing along with all our other rights and freedoms.

Doctors that say anything negative about the vaccine are threatened to be struck off including NZ

We are being silenced especially by Social Media FB T Instagram etc 

The Rockefeller Foundations spends US$13.5m on fact finders to remove “misinformation”.

Firstly you might want to look up Pfizer’s criminal history. Just google it.

Secondly Pfizer covid-19 vaccination are still in trial mode, the TRIAL does not end until January 2023.

Thirdly you might want to read the letter sent to schools by the UK Medical Freedom Alliance.

Teens & Parents Click Here for a Quiz from a group of NZ Doctors.

We also recommend you visit and educate yourself before its too late for you and your children your family and your children’s children.

OVER 55 

Are you or a beloved family member 55 years old or over.

The UK Govt health records shows those 50 years and older are 3 times more likely to die from the VAX after the 2nd booster shot than had you remained unvaccinated.

Want to see for yourself, look at page 20



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