The Offences, Defences and Penalties for Improperly Discarding a Cigarette in NSW

February 6, 2024by Naomi Cramer

Smoking cigarettes is a straightforward pleasure for a lot of, however being reckless together with your butts, or worse, a lit cigarette may end up in hefty fines and even land you earlier than a court.

The next outlines the potential offences and penalties that relate to improperly discarding cigarettes, together with the final offence of littering and the extra critical offence of discarding a lighted cigarette, as properly the potential defences that apply.

The offence of littering

The final offence of littering is contained in part 145 of the Safety of the Atmosphere Operations Act 1997 (NSW).

This offence applies when an individual deposits litter in or on a public place or an open non-public place. Litter consists of cigarettes and cigarette butts.

A ‘public place’ is outlined as a spot that’s open to the general public, or is utilized by the general public, whether or not or not on fee of cash or different consideration, whether or not or not the place is ordinarily so open or used, and whether or not or not the general public to whom the place is so open, or by whom the place is so used, consists solely of a restricted class of individuals.

This offence of littering at the moment carries an on-the-spot effective of $250, or a most effective of $2,200  if the matter goes to court.

Subsection 145(3) of the Act makes clear that an individual just isn’t responsible if the litter was:

  • positioned in a receptacle offered by the custodian of the place for the depositing of litter, and
  • in accordance with any circumstances specified by the custodian, via a discover displayed on or within the neighborhood of the receptacle, in relation to the depositing of litter within the receptacle, or
  • positioned a receptacle containing the litter within the place for the aim of the litter being eliminated in the middle of a litter removing service offered by the custodian of the place, or
  • deposited the litter within the place:
  • in response to an invite contained in a discover printed by the custodian of the place, and
  • in accordance with any circumstances specified within the discover in relation to the depositing of litter in that place, or
  • deposited the litter within the place with the categorical consent of the custodian of the place.
  • deposited the litter within the place beneath an authority conferred by or beneath this or another Act or any Commonwealth Act, or
  • deposited the litter in accordance with any rules made for the needs of this part or in such circumstances as could also be prescribed by any rules made for the needs of this part.

An aggravated type of this offence exists beneath part 145A of the Act if, on the time of littering an individual:

  • precipitated or contributed to considerable hazard or hurt to any individuals, animals, premises or property, or
  • was moderately prone to trigger or contribute to such hazard or hurt (whether or not or not any such hazard or hurt was really precipitated), due to the quantity or form of litter deposited, or the way by which it was deposited, or the place in or on which it was deposited.

Aggravated littering carries a most penalty of a effective of $3,300 for people or $5,500 for companies.

The offence of discarding a lighted cigarette

A extra critical offence is printed beneath part 99A of the Rural Fires Act 1997 (NSW), associated to discarding a lighted cigarette on any land.

This offence carries an on-the-spot effective of $660 when not a Complete Hearth Ban or $1320 throughout a Complete Hearth Ban. If the matter goes to court the utmost penalties embrace $5,500 if not throughout a Complete Hearth Ban or $11,000 throughout a Complete Hearth Ban.

If the lighted cigarette is discarded from a car, the driving force of the car may also incur 5 demerit level, which doubles to 10 demerit factors throughout a Complete Hearth Ban.

The driving force of a car may be fined for a discarded cigarette even when a passenger was the one to discard the cigarette.

Defences to cigarette offences

To convict somebody of a discarded cigarette offence, the prosecution wants to have the ability to show past affordable doubt that the defendant discarded the cigarette.

Formal authorized defences to offences may embrace duress and necessity.

Duress is the place your conduct arose resulting from an imminent menace made to you or somebody near you, in circumstances the place the menace was persevering with and critical sufficient to justify your actions.

Necessity is the place you engaged in your actions to keep away from critical, irreversible penalties to you or somebody you have been sure to guard, you truthfully and fairly believed you or the opposite individual have been quick hazard and your actions have been an inexpensive and proportionate response to the hazard.

Going to court?

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