Child Relocation

RELOCATION OF CHILDREN Have you entered into an agreement with your children’s other parent whether verbally or in writing without a lawyer. You need to be aware that arrangements made between you and the child’s other parent are not necessarily enforceable by the courts because the overriding consideration is that of the welfare of the […]

Protection Orders|Restraining Orders

How to Get a Restraining Order What you can do if you are in a relationship or have been in a relationship and your ex partner is harassing you . You are unfortunately disbarred from applying to the Family Court for a Restraining Order under the Harassment Act 1997 if you are or were previously […]

How To Get Divorced by Divorce Lawyer

  How To Get Divorced In New Zealand a divorce is no longer called a divorce, but the law now calls it a dissolution of marriage or civil union. I shall however use the terms divorce and dissolution interchangeably. THE TWO YEAR RULE You have to have been living apart from your spouse for at […]