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December 30, 2019by Naomi Cramer

Say NO to Suicide

We had decided to write this article in hope of helping more out there because we had received countless suicidal attempts from visitors to our website seeking for relief. Although we are not graduated mental therapist, but because of the nature of our work, we had gained quite significant experience from helping people who had suicidal attempts.

Firstly, let me tell you this. If you are feeling suicidal, you are not alone. Countless people out there have the same feelings. Normally people come to tell us they want to kill themselves for various reasons:

1. Failure in love

2. Betrayal

3. Depression

4. Mental torture from family

5. Bad debts

6. Self-pressure due to failure in life

7. External-pressure from close ones

8. Unable to forgive someone or ownself

9. Suffering from fatal disease

10. Hatred etc…the list is long and never ending

If you are suicidal, it is not because you want to die. In fact your body does not want to die. You just want to get rid of the pain that is torturing your brain. It is because you are not able to cope with a problem in life. If you dare to die, then why not give yourself a challenge which is “dare to live on”. If you think that dying can give you relief, that is wrong. It does not, because when you die, there is no more feelings of relief anymore. It cannot take away the pain. The pain will stick to the soul forever after.

Do you know what you will experience after you commit suicide. From a layman’s point of view, there seems to be nothing. But for those in the energy world, they will know the consequences. Once a person commit suicide, for example jumping off the building, although the body terminates, the soul does not. The soul will turn to become a spirit that sticks to the location and has to repeat the act of jumping off the building once a day for the rest of their life as a spirit. Can you imagine how torturing it could be for one to face the same experience of committing suicide forever.

There is practically no chance at all for the person to go to heaven or enjoy anymore happiness for the rest of their life as a soul. Even if they can stop the suffering by finding another victim to commit suicide at the same location later, they will not have a good reincarnation. They will experience bad karmic sufferings for many lives and it will be too hard to find a good path.

Therefore, suicide is not an answer to sufferings. Human are born with sufferings. The baby cries first thing when he sees the world. Therefore, everyone will have the same fate of suffering. And it is a matter of whether we are able to cope with the problem or not. Whether we want to amplify the feelings or lighten the feelings. Even though some problems may be big, but if we are able to finetune our heads to think of it as small, it will be small. And remember, if you compare the magnitude of your problem with others, yours will only be a small one relatively.

If one is suicidal, here are some simple yet effective recommendations:

1. Talk about the problem to your family, friends, strangers, psychiatrist and councellors. Find time even though your schedule is busy. You must not keep it in the heart. Even if you are guilty and you feel sorry, please say it out.

2. No one can provide you with a solution. Even yourself cannot give a solution. Then just leave it with no solution. Just learn to accept it, live as long as you could and naturally forget about the hardship.

3. Do not rush into committing suicide yet. Postpone the date. Say give yourself another few more months, there could be many things that could have changed your opinion. One falls into suicide motive because he or she is not awaken temporary. And the good thing is there is still some conscious part that does not want to die yet.

4. Move away from the place where it could remind you of the sufferings. Just move away and leave everything behind. Go faraway and one day when you are feeling stronger, you can always return to face the truth.

5. Go out and find new friends. Let new people enter your life with new beginnings and new energy. There are always more opportunities out there. Don’t give up!

6. When one is feeling down, their energy points in their body (7 chakras) are imbalance. The aura around them is weak which is also the reason why they are suffering from defeat and bad luck. These energy points could be strengthen. Some seek for crystal healing. While, simple exercises could help too. You will be amazed how jogging or hiking can help to energize ones chakras without them knowing. Undoubtedly, one could also seek meditation as an excellent cure to suicide syndrome. Meditation is not related to any religion.

We hope to keep this short and effective.

(Written originally by Feng Shui Scholar – The objective of this article is to help as many people out of the darkness as possible. Although all our contents on other pages of our website are copyrighted and bounded by law, this article in specific can be circulated without any control. Everyone is welcome to copy this article and it can be used for non-commercial use by any party.

by Naomi Cramer

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