Planned Parenthood Billion Dollar Company

PLANNED PARENTHOOD the name of a huge abortion clinic chain in the USA with assets close to $2 Billion have had a Court ruling in their favor.

The two journalists David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt that went undercover have recently appealed the decision.

They took video footage and brought allegations that the multi billion dollar company has been illegally selling aborted baby body parts which they innocuously refer to as fetal tissue.

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According to the journalist entire organs such as brains heart livers were offered to them.

The Court from which the appeal has been lodged favored the privacy of the company over the evidence produced by the journalists who were charged with numerous offenses including trespass.

In the meantime President Trump has imposed a ban on referrals to abortion clinics.

One of the most horrifying allegations in the Court case was the babies with beating hearts receiving no pain killers during its dissection.
According to one source there, a fresh live beating heart was required for research.

The Court case commenced as the NZ Labour led Government has  passed laws allowing abortions easily up to 20 weeks ( 5 months) and also allowing abortions right up until birth, thus making abortions legally possible at 8 1/2 months.

Daleiden and Merritt sneaked into numerous Planned Parenthood meetings and other abortion rights gatherings and shot undercover videos of their attempts to buy fetal material. They published the videos in 2015.

Planned Parenthood argued that the videos were heavily edited to unfairly show workers agreeing to sell fetal material for profit, which the group says it does not do.

Planned Parenthood says it doesn’t sell fetal material for profit and charged only modest expenses to cover costs of donating it for medical research.

The company has not faced criminal charges despite trafficking in body parts being a criminal offence.

If this is so then why does the company hold almost $2 Billion in assets.