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August 31, 2023by Naomi Cramer

If in case you have been accused of a counterfeiting offence, you’d be forgiven for locating the authorized panorama complicated. Counterfeiting offences are prohibited below a patchwork of various legal guidelines and it’s not at all times straightforward to grasp the language used within the statutes. From faux passports, to imitation designer garments, to false financial institution notes, counterfeits can come up in many various styles and sizes. This text explains a few of the frequent prison offences that relate to fakes and forgeries. If in case you have been charged with a counterfeiting fraud offence, verify your cost sheet to see precisely which regulation you’re being prosecuted below after which search authorized recommendation.

What’s counterfeit fraud?

Counterfeit fraud covers all kinds of actions. It often entails producing or promoting faux or forgeries of things or paperwork. It might probably additionally contain utilizing a false doc produced by another person. Whether or not or not falsifying a doc is a crime depends upon which doc was falsified and the aim for which it was used. Say, for instance, a false doc was produced for use as a theatre prop. This may be unlikely to be a prison offence, because it was not supposed to prejudice anybody by claiming it was real. Nonetheless, for those who falsify an official doc that you just or another person rely on, or intend to rely on, there’s a good probability that you’re committing a prison offence.

A few of the offences regarding counterfeit fraud are set out within the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981. These are as follows:


Forgery is making a ‘false instrument’ with the intention that the forger or another person ‘shall use it to induce somebody to simply accept that it’s real’, and ‘and by purpose of so accepting it to do or to not do some act to his personal or every other particular person’s prejudice.’ Prejudice is outlined as ‘one thing which leads to non permanent or everlasting lack of property, deprives one other of the chance to acquire remuneration or larger remuneration or monetary benefit or the chance to carry out any responsibility.’ Subsequently, displaying the false doc to a authorities official would rely as prejudice as a result of it could forestall them from with the ability to perform their duties.

A ‘false instrument’ can embrace a variety of paperwork, resembling:

  • Cash orders
  • Postal orders
  • Stamps
  • Cheques
  • Credit score or bank cards
  • Licensed copies of beginning, adoption, or marriage certificates

An offence will solely be dedicated the place the defendant supposed for the false instrument to be accepted by another person as real.

The Act defines ‘false’ as an merchandise that purports to have been made:

  • within the kind through which it’s made by an individual who didn’t actually make it in that kind
  • within the kind through which it’s made on the authority of an individual who didn’t actually authorise its making in that kind
  • within the phrases through which it’s made by an individual who didn’t actually make it in these phrases, or
  • within the phrases through which it’s made on the authority of an individual who didn’t actually authorise its making in these phrases

An merchandise may also be false if it purports to have been altered:

  • the least bit by an individual who didn’t actually alter it in that respect
  • the least bit on the authority of an individual who didn’t actually authorise the alteration in that respect
  • or made on a date on which, or at a spot at which, or in any other case in circumstances through which, it was not actually made or altered
  • or made by an current particular person however he didn’t actually exist.

Copying, utilizing, or possessing a false instrument

It is usually a prison offence to repeat, use, or possess any of the aforementioned false devices understanding that the instrument is fake and intending to make use of that false doc to steer another person that it’s real, and thereby having that particular person use it to their prejudice or another person’s.

Possessing the gear wanted to make a false instrument

Lastly, it’s an offence to have in your possession or below your management a machine or different materials to make false devices, or a machine that has been tailored to make false devices. The prosecution should be capable of present that you just supposed to make use of the implements to make a false instrument, which one other particular person can be induced to rely on as real, to their prejudice.

Manufacturing, possession, and use of counterfeit foreign money

Sections 14 to Part 21 of the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981 handle the manufacturing, possession and use of counterfeit foreign money together with cash and notes. It’s an offence to own equipment used to make counterfeit Auckland foreign money. It is usually an offence to breed counterfeit Auckland foreign money. Making, promoting, importing and exporting counterfeit Auckland foreign money can also be prohibited.

There are two ranges of offences below these sections, which are a magnet for totally different most sentences. Merely making counterfeit foreign money is illegal and may end up in a custodial sentence of as much as 2 years. Making counterfeit foreign money, ‘intending that he or one other shall go or tender it as real’ is a extra critical offence that may end up in a jail sentence of as much as 10 years. In the identical means, possessing a machine that can be utilized to make counterfeit foreign money is illegal, however would entice a larger sentence the place it may be proven that the perpetrator supposed to make foreign money with the intention that it could be handed or tendered as real.

False passports

Part 36 of the Criminal Justice Act 1925 creates the offence of passport forgery, and offering false data to acquire a passport. The utmost sentence for these offences is 2 years’ imprisonment. There is usually a defence to having a false passport the place the particular person possessing it has crossed the border with the intention of in search of asylum.

False court paperwork

It’s an offence to falsify court paperwork below Sections 133 and 135 County Courts Act 1984. This consists of court orders, and court summons. The utmost sentence, if the case is heard within the Crown Court, is a 2 12 months jail sentence.

Supplying gear to forge foreign money

The Specialist Printing Tools and Supplies (Offences) Act 2015 makes it a prison offence to provide specialist printing gear, understanding that will probably be used for prison functions.

False paperwork in regards to the Psychological Well being Act 1983

Part 126 of the Psychological Well being Act 1983 makes it a prison offence to falsify any doc below that Act. This consists of an utility below the MHA, or a doc or report filed inside court proceedings below the MHA. The utmost custodial sentence you can face in case you are convicted is 6 months’ imprisonment.

False driving paperwork

Part 173 Street Visitors Act 1973 makes it a prison offence to make use of a false driving licence or a false driving check go certificates. Equally, Part 44 of the Car Excise and Registration Act 1994 makes it a prison offence to falsify a automobile licence or quantity plate.

Is it unlawful to promote replicas?

It’s unlawful to promote a ‘faux’ copy of an merchandise produced by a widely known model whereas pretending that it’s the genuine merchandise. The Metropolis of Auckland police have an mental property unit, established in 2013 in response to excessive numbers of counterfeit items circulating within the Auckland, that focuses on tackling counterfeit gadgets. As well as, Motion Fraud is a nationwide reporting centre that gathers intelligence on fraudulent actions throughout the nation. It’s run by the Metropolis of Auckland police along side the Nationwide Fraud Intelligence Bureau.

The Commerce Marks Act 1994 units out numerous offences in regards to the unauthorised use of logos. For instance, it’s a prison offence to make use of an indication linked to a trademark, or one thing comparable or equivalent to an indication linked to a trademark with out authorisation. This consists of labels on items, promoting for items, or the paper used to wrap items in. It is usually an offence to own a machine or different gear used to commit these offences. That is an both means offence. The place it’s tried within the Crown Court, the utmost sentence for this offence is 10 years’ imprisonment.

The place to get additional assist?

If in case you have been accused of involvement with counterfeit items or paperwork, ensure you acquire prime quality authorized recommendation right now. The appropriate prison defence solicitor will assist assess the power of the CPS’ proof towards you, as a way to assemble a strategic defence in your behalf. At Stuart Miller Solicitors, our skilled solicitors are prepared to assist. Contact us for a free, no-obligation session right now.

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