Inside Messages Exposes Angel Studios’ Harmon Brothers’ Repeated Warnings, Admission, and Subsequent Disregard of Tim Ballard’s ‘Points’

September 19, 2023by Naomi Cramer

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Inside messages, warnings from associates, and a former OUR operative have uncovered the executives of Angel Studios, together with the Harmon Brothers, for his or her acknowledgment and reckless disregard of Tim Ballard’s credibility points, a number of legal investigations, and Jim Caviezel’s affiliation with anti-Semitism and his obsession with pedophilia.

Because the countdown to the July 4th premiere of Sound of Freedom ticked away, inside exchanges between a revered former OUR Operative and Angel Studios’ founders, CEO Neal Harmon and Chief Content material Officer Jeff Harmon—colloquially generally known as ‘The Harmon Brothers’ (together with their brother Daniel)—revealed their nuanced consciousness of the Tim Ballard and Jim Caviezel controversies, underscoring their comprehension of the far-reaching implications that might injury not solely Angel Studios’ repute but in addition the Harmon Brothers collectively and individually. These communications additionally unveiled their strategic efforts to confront, downplay, and mitigate the approaching fallout from their audacious and precarious enterprise. As an alternative of simply being trustworthy, they went into full-blown injury management, addressing a refrain of crimson flags and alarms unabashedly, propelling ahead with dedication regardless of mounting issues, proof, and data that not solely injury their model but in addition expose them legally.

Entrance and middle on this unfolding cinematic saga stands controversial B-list actor Jim Caviezel, who stars as Tim Ballard on this Taken ripoff. Reclaiming his place within the highlight—briefly, he instantly plunges headlong into the depths of radical right-wing populism. Whereas navigating the murky waters of QAnon, he champions far-right conspiracy theories rooted in white nationalist and anti-Semitic narratives. Astoundingly, his Sound of Freedom fundraising efforts are overshadowed by a relentless barrage of incendiary Q-Patriot diatribes, most notably the now-infamous anti-Semitic ‘Jewish blood libel’ adrenochrome video. Caviezel’s conduct was a shock to many as he returned to the limelight. Very similar to his compatriot and former Ardour of the Christ director Mel Gibson, Caviezel has persistently propagated anti-Semitic conspiracy theories through the years. These theories contain concentrating on outstanding conservative boogeyman George Soros and invoking the ominous presence of Rothschild banks. Pushing the boundaries even additional, he delved into the uncharted realm of a Rothschild pope, weaving a disturbing narrative that perpetuates the notion of Christian victimhood and subjugation.

Then there have been legal investigations and critical credible allegations that loomed over Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad—the hero and topic of Sound of Freedom.

Undeterred by the resounding refrain of warning from acquaintances, enterprise associates, former OUR insiders, and fellow members of the LDS religion that Ballard’s claims, integrity, and intentions have been in query, Angel Studios pressed ahead and secured the movie’s distribution rights, finally distributing the manufacturing. This transfer left these conversant in the Harmon Brothers surprised and uneasy as they grappled with the perplexing choice.

Within the realm of cinematic ventures, one can not assist however observe the audacious gamble that paid big dividends for Angel Studios as Sound of Freedom took the nineteenth spot among the many highest-grossing movies of 2023.It could even be their downfall.

Curiously, throughout the confines of Angel Studios, not a solitary voice surfaced to contest Jim Caviezel’s disturbing anti-Semitic convictions. It appears these unsettling beliefs have been allowed to fester unopposed, doubtless guided by the notion that such issues ought to be conveniently swept below the rug. One can not assist however discern a calculated technique at play—a alternative seemingly tailor-made to appease a audience already steeped in profound anti-Semitic sentiments. When pandering to a bunch entrenched in such beliefs, the optics of perceived Jewish appeasement can be thought-about undesirable.

Remarkably, regardless of Lynn Packer’s and my makes an attempt to succeed in the Harmon brothers and Liz Ellis via private {and professional} channels, coupled with quite a few voicemails, they’ve chosen to stay silent. The urgent difficulty of anti-Semitism, manifest each of their movie and its star, has been met with a convincing lack of response, leaving in its wake a troubling void.

The paradox is placing when contemplating this stance from a purportedly religious Mormon collective, who uphold the idea of their lineage tracing again to a misplaced tribe of Israel. Curiously, they forge forward, catering to and bolstering their major viewers—Christian fundamentalists. This viewers, whereas brazenly criticizing the LDS church as a cult, finds resonance within the movie’s narrative. A poignant irony unfolds as numerous Evangelists, motivated by their shared religion, castigate the identical movie attributable to Tim Ballard’s Mormon affiliation.

Former OUR Operative Alarmed by Angel Studios Selections

Within the aftermath of Angel Studios securing the distribution rights for Sound of Freedom, a former OUR operative was deeply involved. Regardless of the storm of controversy surrounding Jim Caviezel, his involvement within the “Cease the Steal” motion, and the unfold of anti-Semitic rhetoric, simply the concept that they might undergo with this left them shocked and puzzled, like so many others. The intrigue deepened as they questioned the studio’s affiliation with Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad, topics of a number of legal probes and damning exposes. Most troubling was the participation of the Harmon Brothers, whom the operative held in excessive regard. This have to be some mistake or misunderstanding.

On April 4, this particular person took their issues to Angel Studios’ Chief Operations Officer (COO), Liz Ellis, conveying their apprehensions concerning the movie by way of a textual content message, “I noticed that you’re distributing Sound of Freedom. OUR has been below investigation for some time. Final I heard in December they nonetheless have been, at the least. I simply don’t need it to harm Angel Studios.

“To which Ellis replied, “It’s going to be a controversial challenge for positive. We aren’t selling OUR. We’re doing it to lift consciousness to guard extra youngsters.”

“Save the children,” the ruse behind each right-wing agenda. Extra on that in one other article.

Harmon Brothers Interact Former OUR Operative on “the Tim Ballard Situation”

Angel Studios, or extra appropriately, the Harmon Brothers, have been conscious of the myriad points and burdens related to Tim Ballard – the falsehoods and hyperboles, the contrived movie narrative, and the shadow of legal investigations. A substantial section of excessive society was aware about Tim Ballard’s path of weird and unscrupulous assertions invoking the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Harmon Brothers have been clearly conscious of the looming hazard this case may pose to their model’s trajectory. The trail they contemplated, although profitable attributable to its resonance with the evangelical inhabitants, additionally held the potential to shackle them to a selected demographic—fracturing their repute intricately woven into their Utah identification. Evidently discerning the gravity of the state of affairs, relatively than simply doing the correct factor and chopping their losses, they as an alternative sought the previous OUR operative’s endorsement via any conceivable means. This pursuit led to a tête-à-tête between the Harmon Brothers and the OUR operative.

On April 12, 2023, the trio have been linked by actor Charan Prabhakar, a pricey pal of the Harmon Brothers.

Jeff Harmon: “Hello! [redacted] I’d love to satisfy up at ur earliest comfort.”

Former OUR Operative: “Positive factor… I may meet tomorrow someday earlier than 2:00 if that works okay. Thanks for connecting us, Charan!”

Jeff Harmon: I may most likely meet between 10am and midday? Zoom or in individual?

Tim Ballard Uncovered in Harmon Brothers’ Assembly

The next morning, April 13, 2023, Jeff and Neal Harmon met with the previous OUR operative over a one-hour Zoom assembly. The Harmon Brothers appeared to harbor the idea that, via some clever fleecing, they might persuade the previous operative into adopting “a loftier perspective,” counting on the time-worn “it’s all concerning the youngsters” mantra. Clearly, the operative was conscious that the driving drive behind all this was the amassing of earnings by merely leveraging the currents of right-wing paranoia and anger with the evangelical undertow.

Shortly earlier than the operative logged into the assembly, fueled by the notion of tugging at Neal and Jeff’s sensibilities, the operative admits they have been confused. Judging by their prior conversations and textual content messages, it was exhausting to flee the contemplation: Did the Harmons really comprehend the enduring repercussions of aligning themselves with the novel proper, entwined because it was with anti-Semitic ideologies usually spewed by Sound of Freedom star Jim Caviezel, or have been they merely run-of-the-mill males gripped by greed? The Harmons, acknowledging inside their very own account, had already been alerted to the numerous legal responsibility posed by the predicament of Caviezel, however readily admitted a fair graver concern loomed within the type of Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad.

By all accounts, the Harmons have been effectively conscious of the Jim Caviezel legal responsibility and Tim Ballard’s “points.”

In contrast to Caviezel, Ballard was largely untested within the public area and the court of public opinion. However, an evident veneer of right-wing affect draped over him. Time and time once more, Tim Ballard proved himself ill-equipped to interact with real journalists and probing inquiries. He was propelled by a considerable ego, had a critical anger drawback, and he unabashedly articulated outright absurdities each in LDS circles and at far-right occasions.

Ought to motive show ineffectual, the operative may discover another route—interesting to the Harmons’ cherished LDS heritage, spiritual values, and ethical convictions?

Throughout this assembly, the OUR operative instructed the Harmon brothers, “Ballard is a fraud. He claims to have had a imaginative and prescient the place Abraham Lincoln, Nephi, and Moroni seem to him. He made up details about a few of his rescues.”

The previous operative was then instructed by the Harmons that “that they had dozens of complaints about Ballard.” It wasn’t simply the pathological lies and radical claims made by the person, it was his ethics, conduct, and conduct.

“We all know Tim is loopy,” one of many Harmons admitted… however they didn’t care.

“The film is concerning the youngsters.”

The previous OUR operative shouldered profound issues and spared no effort of their endeavor to warn Angel Studios and the Harmon Brothers.

Relaying messages via shared acquaintances, each private {and professional}, they reached out to Angel Studios COO Liz Ellis and employed mutual contacts in a bid to straight attain the Harmon Brothers, sounding the alarm. Regrettably, their issues went unheard. Whatever the impending dangers, the looming long-term liabilities, to not point out the approaching struggling and hurt that could be introduced on by the likes of Caviezel and Ballard.

The Harmon Brothers remained resolute of their pursuit of monetary acquire.

Proper after the assembly, Jeff Harmon despatched a Screener hyperlink for 2 views for Sound of Freedom. One for the previous operative and one for Charan Prabhakar ought to he need to watch.

Former OUR operative: Thanks a lot. I’ll watch it tonight.

A Last Attraction

On the night of April 30, 2023, the previous OUR operative as soon as once more dispatched a textual content to Jeff Harmon, cataloging their array of apprehensions. This occasion, nonetheless, pertained on to the character of the movie itself. If the presence of an anti-Semitic zealot and an inveterate fabricator who peddles each aspirations and anxieties to the ill-informed and evangelical Christians wasn’t adequate to immediate the Harmon Brothers and their ostensibly Christian “studio” to terminate this work of fiction, maybe a contemplation of the subject material’s implications and the following hurt it will inevitably trigger may induce a reassessment of their privileged stance?

The previous operative wrote:

“I actually am unsure about releasing the movie. Seems like you’re already transferring ahead with it subsequent week. I didn’t discover it to be factual within the least, and people items that have been possibly some ounce of fact have been so exaggerated.

I’m unhappy to see the way it painted Tim as Superman. I believe he’s a complete fraud and misguided. I heard there will likely be new accusations quickly, probably from one other nation. He has run round with some dangerous individuals and performed issues within the ‘title of God.’

I believe the film is so effectively performed and shot so properly. I perceive that you’d need to have a relation with the filmmakers too. They’re so proficient. I hope it doesn’t backfire on Angel Studios as a result of I hope your intentions are good. I want you the very best and hope fees are dropped and investigations completed quickly so that you don’t face a messy state of affairs. Thanks for sharing the movie with me.”

Jeff Harmon: “I perceive the issues. We’ve gone very, very deep on the allegations. We’re happy we will go ahead. Plenty of information on that entrance coming quickly.

As for the movies, we may have a number of weblog posts speaking about what’s actual and what’s dramatized. And documentary footage from every of the rescues the movie was primarily based on.

“Former OUR Operative: “That’s nice!”

On Might 12, 2023, Jeff Harmon made positive to textual content the previous operative, “The investigation was dropped,” with a hyperlink to the LDS-owned information story, which, as beforehand mentioned in Lynn’s prior video, the editor was not in a position to affirm precisely.

“That’s nice,” relied the previous OUR operative.

Later that day, Angel Studio introduced on each its web site and on YouTube that Sound of Freedom would premiere July 4, 2023. What they didn’t inform the general public is {that a} week prior, Tim Ballard was compelled to resign from Operation Underground Railroad attributable to misconduct (coming quickly in a number of studies within the works).

Reflecting on The Troubling Story of Timmy Ballard

Behold, the intricate dance of deceit, gamesmanship, and the clamor for fiscal acquisition—such are the quintessential hallmarks of Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) and its founder, Tim Ballard. A veritable vaudeville of opacity prevails inside their operations, the place transparency is a notion as overseas as honesty itself. As regrettable as it’s to utter, the tapestry of their transgressions extends far past mere chicanery.

But, what really sickens me is the audacity of Timothy Blain Ballard. He overtly wields “the children” as pawns in his sordid pursuit of non-public acquire, cleverly using them as human shields towards criticism, all of the whereas ensnaring himself in a labyrinth of considerable proof showcasing misconduct, criminality, and a complete cloth of falsehoods. And allow us to not overlook the thousands and thousands amassed, the spoils personally reaped, all with out the faintest semblance of substantiation for his ostensible rescues—rescues that, lo and behold, appear to have been impressed by motion flicks from the1980s.

Fraud may scarcely be extra conspicuous. A person ensnared in a historical past marred by hyperbole, embroidery, lying, and audacious innovations. Regretfully, the veracity of his phrase stands upon a basis so unstable that it crumbles upon the mere breath of scrutiny. When the topic purportedly encompasses laboring alongside essentially the most defenseless and imperiled children, his mere assertion falls perilously in need of credibility. In

Donate a solitary greenback to St. Jude’s on the nook Walgreens, and it’s possible you’ll possess a receipt and get that warfare fuzzy tingle in your abdomen—however such a trifle definitely doesn’t bequeath the privilege to claim that you’ve got personally mastered the medical marvel of curing childhood most cancers.

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