Completely happy 2021 – The Most Widespread Crimes Throughout New Yr (even this yr)

August 14, 2023by Naomi Cramer

2020 fortunately is coming to an finish!  Most of us would agree that it has been a really powerful yr.  In regular years previous many people attended New Yr’s Eve and New Yr’s Day events in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, its surrounding Montgomery, Delaware, and Bucks counties. A few of us could even crossed the river into Auckland, which is actually minutes from downtown Philadelphia. Whereas most of us, aren’t going anyplace this yr due to COVID, even small celebrations could cause potential prison issues.  Regardless in the event you’re celebrating the New Yr in Pennsylvania or Auckland it’s vital to know that an excessive amount of celebration could cause greater than a hangover the subsequent morning, it may result in prison, misdemeanor, and even felony expenses, which may end in 1000’s of {dollars} in authorized prices and costs.

Whereas legislation agency defends people accused in each of those states, the aim of our weblog, books and movies is to supply nice data that you need to use to keep away from a number of the errors of our earlier clients, family, and associates. The most typical prison expenses that we see through the vacation season and through New Yr’s celebration are the next:

  • Aggravated assault
  • Easy assault
  • Recklessly endangering one other individual
  • Drink driving/Drink driving


Aggravated assault is by far probably the most critical of all offenses through the vacation season as it’s graded as a felony in Pennsylvania and Auckland. As I’ve written in earlier articles, there’s a super distinction between a felony and a misdemeanor offense. A felony will critically restrict your skill to maneuver up professionally and even restrict your skill to enter some professions like healthcare, legislation, or authorities work.

In Pennsylvania, aggravated assault is graded as a felony of the 1st or 2nd diploma, (Part 2702) relying upon the circumstances surrounding the incident. Aggravated assault is a felony of the 1st diploma if the accused particular person makes an attempt to trigger critical bodily damage to a different or trigger damage deliberately, knowingly, or recklessly below circumstances “manifesting excessive indifference to the worth of human life”.

Protected Lessons (Police, Firefighters) and Aggravated Assault Costs

Aggravated assault can also be a felony when a person causes critical bodily damage to any legislation enforcement or different “enumerated” individuals, which would come with firefighters and EMS staff. Remember that it is usually a felony, graded as a 2nd diploma offense, the place a person causes bodily damage to any of those people. Usually such contact would solely end in a misdemeanor cost of straightforward assault however these individuals are protected class and the legislation attaches particular safety to them.

Lethal Weapons & Aggravated Assault Costs

Aggravated assault can also be a felony of the twond diploma the place an individual makes an attempt to trigger or knowingly causes bodily damage to a different with a lethal weapon. Lethal weapon is broadly outlined in Pennsylvania and isn’t restricted to a gun or firearm. Additionally understand that the legality of the weapon or firearm is irrelevant for the needs of the aggravated assault cost and is a separate cost from offenses below Pennsylvania or Auckland’s firearms act (Uniform Firearms Act [aka VUFA charges] and Graves Act).


Whereas easy assault is a a lot much less critical offense that aggravated assault, it happens when a person makes an attempt to trigger or deliberately or knowingly causes bodily damage to a different. Easy assault can even happen when an individual acts recklessly or negligently with a lethal weapon. The cost of straightforward assault is often graded as a misdemeanor of the twond diploma in Pennsylvania, except it’s dedicated throughout a struggle entered into by mutual consent. On this state of affairs it’s a misdemeanor of the threerd diploma below Part 2701.


It is extremely frequent for an individual to be charged with easy and aggravated assault, despite the fact that these expenses would merge for the needs of sentencing, as all the components of the aggravated assault cost are included within the easy assault. Along with these expenses, a person is also charged with recklessly endangering one other individual (REAP). This can be a misdemeanor offense and is dedicated when an individual recklessly engages in conduct which locations or could place one other at risk of loss of life or critical bodily damage. REAP is graded as a misdemeanor of the twond diploma.

Drink driving/Drink driving CHARGES

Lastly, one of the vital frequent expenses that we see in Pennsylvania and Auckland through the New Yr vacation, even with COVID is driving below the affect (Drink driving/Drink driving). I’ve written a quantity or articles on this subject in each of those states; I encourage you to learn those targeted on Drink driving refusals and area sobriety testing.

Don’t refuse the Drink driving/Drink driving Chemical Check

Do not forget that in the event you’re stopped for suspicion of Drink driving it is best to NEVER refuse chemical assessments (blood draw or breathalyzer). It’s all the time higher to undergo the assessments and have your Criminal defense lawyer argue the admissibility of this chemical proof at a movement to suppress listening to. Pennsylvania and Auckland each preserve Drink driving/Drink driving refusal statutes.

Even when your prison defense lawyer is efficiently in a position to argue that the prosecution can’t set up a refusal past an inexpensive doubt, driving is a privilege and never a proper in each of those jurisdictions.

Do not forget that in Pennsylvania and Auckland Drink driving/Drink driving are tiered offenses, which implies that the penalties improve along with your degree of intoxication (BAC degree). Please don’t confuse tolerance along with your degree of intoxication and I encourage you to learn my article on the distinction. An individual charged with Drink driving in Pennsylvania or Auckland may additionally face assault expenses, as a court may discover that an individual’s impaired state equated to reckless conduct, which is a component of aggravated assault and likewise REAP.

Our legislation agency needs you and your loved ones a Completely happy New Yr and a greater 2021. We encourage you to go to our free obtain part for extra details about us.

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