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Looking for reliable and trustworthy Specialist Family Lawyer in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. We are a local, boutique law firm that is devoted to providing top-notch quality legal services in Brisbane and all the nearby areas in Queensland including the Gold Coast.

Brisbane’s best  Family Law Specialists in Queensland Australia is characterised by a constructive and conciliatory approach to the resolution of family disputes;

  • • the minimisation of any risks to separating couples and/or children by:
    − alerting separating couples to treat safety as a primary concern;
    − avoiding arguments in front of children; and
    − keeping children out of conflicts arising between separating couples.
    • having regard to the interests and protection of children and encouraging long-term family relationships;
  • protecting children from all forms of violence and obtain a protection order when necessary
  • • the narrowing of the issues in dispute and the effective and timely resolution of disputes; and
    • ensuring that costs are not unreasonably incurred

Brisbane Family Solicitors

should show courtesy and be professional in all their dealings.
Family Lawyers in Brisbane should:
• retain professional objectivity at all times;
• focus on the identification of issues and their resolution;

Act swiftly in making applications for Protection Orders
• communicate clearly and free of jargon;
• avoid protracted, unnecessary, hostile and inflammatory exchanges; and
• consider the effect of correspondence upon clients and other family members.

3. communicating with your client

Brisbane Family Lawyers should:
• consider sending any substantive items of correspondence to clients for checking initially, particularly if that correspondence contains proposals for settlement; and
• forward copies of important letters to clients for their records as a matter of course, unless there is specific reason not to do so.


Family Lawyers Brisbane

• Ensure that clients understand the contents and meaning of documents they sign. This is particularly important when clients swear or affirm an affidavit; and
• Ensure clients understand they may be cross-examined on the accuracy and truth of documents they have signed, and that any errors in these documents may diminish a client’s credibility as a witness, which could have adverse effects on the outcome of their case.

Family lawyers will encounter many clients who are exhibiting symptoms of high anxiety and distress. While much initial distress may abate with time and appropriate support, lawyers need to be mindful that such symptoms may indicate a more serious underlying mental health issue.

Research clearly indicates that relationship breakdown is a significant risk factor for mental health problems and suicide.

Translating and Interpreting Services (TIS) of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection provides a national 24 hours, seven days a week, telephone interpreting service on a national telephone number: 131 450. TIS provides interpreting on a fee-for-service basis to private sector businesses. Special nation-wide facilities allow a three-way conversation between the English-speaking and non-English- speaking parties and the TIS interpreter. Further information is available at

A Family Lawyer should treat clients suffering emotional distress in a similar manner to clients suffering physical distress or illness, namely they should assist those clients to obtain support and professional help through referral to General Practitioners, counsellors, social workers and psychologists.
In extreme or crisis situations, lawyers should contact or assist the client to contact a mental health crisis service or Lifeline.

A Family Lawyer should consider whether a client requires an interpreter or other assistance to communicate effectively with the lawyer. This is especially important where clients:
− do not speak English;
− are illiterate; or
− suffer from a disability that would affect communication, such as a vision or hearing impairment.
maintain a list of approved translators to make appropriate translations; and
consider whether an independent interpreter is preferable to a family member.

Family Lawyers in Brisbane

Family Lawyer BrisbaneAustralian Family Lawyers need to be aware that when and how children are told about their parents’ separation may influence how well the children cope. There is specialised advice available from counselling and mediation services and clients should be encouraged to consider their assistance.
Details of services are available through Family Relationships Online at

Where children are involved, lawyers should ensure that a client is asked to refrain from:
• arguing in the presence of, or within earshot of the children;
• discussing the family law proceedings with anyone, and in particular their lawyer, within earshot of children;
• showing children any court or other documents pertaining to the proceedings;
• discussing court events with children; and
• involving children in any way in the family law proceedings, e.g. by using a child as an interpreter of court documents.
4.3 Family Lawyers should:
• Protect children from all forms of family violence and obtain a protection order if the circumstances indicate the need.

encourage the client to be courteous to their former partner and not to make derogatory remarks about one another in the presence of, or within earshot of, the children;
• encourage the client to adhere to arrangements and to be punctual in respect of ‘change over’ dates and times;
• ensure the client understands that children are not to be drawn into disputes arising between separating couples;
• encourage separating couples to take just as much interest, if not more interest in their children’s lives at this difficult time, and to foster their father/child or mother/child relationships.

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An Australian Family Lawyer should inform clients that child-minding arrangements may be available in some registries. Clients should check the Australian courts website.

Clients should be encouraged to provide an appropriate level of support for their children. Family Lawyers should be familiar with the provisions of the child support assessment system.

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