Family Court NZ

As a family lawyer specialist, Naomi is familiar with the  family law legislation, rules & regulations which came into effect on 31 March 2014 and overhauled the process and  proceedings in the family court.

These have made significant changes to the way the Family Courts in New Zealand operate.

Generally, if you want a Parenting Order or seek Guardianship directions from the Family Court, before you can apply to the Court to resolve your dispute, there is now a new out of Court Family Dispute Resolution process you must go through first unless your matter is an urgent one.

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Also all persons, usually parents, need to be aware that the child’s welfare and best interests are to be the first and paramount consideration when settling arrangements.

These new changes have restricted the role of lawyers in the Family Court & legal representation is permitted only in limited circumstances now. Some exceptions where lawyers are allowed to act for clients include where the lawyer is acting in relation to international child abduction issues.

Fortunately lawyers are permitted to assist clients in completing the various forms including an accompanying affidavit to start the process.

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