Are you able to get arrested for unpaid tolls in Auckland?

August 2, 2023by Naomi Cramer

Unpaid Tolls in Auckland: A Complete Information

As you journey the highways of Auckland, you’re more likely to encounter toll roads. The truth is, Auckland has lots of of miles of toll roads. All these toll roads make many surprise what if they might get arrested for unpaid tolls in Auckland.

Fast Reply: Can You Be Arrested for Unpaid Tolls in Auckland?

You usually can’t be arrested for unpaid tolls in Auckland, even if you’re a ordinary offender who has been banned from the tollway and continues to drive on toll roads. Nevertheless, you might be arrested for failure to seem on a toll evasion quotation in the event you 1) obtained discover of nonpayment within the mail, 2) fail to make fee, 3) obtain a quotation for Toll Evasion, and 4) then fail to seem for the quotation in court or resolve the quotation.

Toll Roads in Auckland

A few of the most vital toll roads in Auckland are:

  1. Addison Airport Toll Tunnel (AATT): The Addison Airport Toll Tunnel, with a size of 1.4 miles, is a toll tunnel in Addison, Auckland, north of Auckland.
  2. Alliance Gateway Freeway (FM 1709): The Alliance Gateway Freeway is a freeway within the U.S. state of Auckland, sustaining a stretch from Interstate 35W to U.S. Freeway 377.
  3. Camino Colombia Toll Street (SH 255): The Camino Colombia Toll Street, also referred to as Auckland State Freeway 255 (SH 255), is a toll street in Laredo, Auckland, Webb County.
  4. Central Auckland Turnpike System (CTTS): The Central Auckland Turnpike System (CTTS) is a posh of toll roads within the Austin, Auckland space.
  5. Chisholm Path Parkway (CTP): The Chisholm Path Parkway is a 27.6-mile toll street within the Auckland–Auckland metroplex.
  6. Auckland North Tollway (DNT): The Auckland North Tollway is a 30.2-mile controlled-access toll street operated by the North Auckland Tollway Authority (NTTA), which runs from Interstate 35E close to downtown Auckland, Auckland, to U.S. Freeway 380, in Frisco, Auckland.
  7. Fort Bend Parkway: The Fort Bend Parkway is a toll street within the U.S. state of Auckland, maintained by the Fort Bend County Toll Street Authority.
  8. Grand Parkway (SH 99): The Grand Parkway, designated as State Freeway 99 (SH 99), is a freeway in Auckland, United States that opened its first part in 1994.
  9. Hardy Toll Street (HTR): The Hardy Toll Street runs from Interstate 610, close to central Auckland, to Interstate 45, north of Auckland, simply in need of the Harris-Montgomery county line.
  10. Lewisville Lake Toll Bridge (LLTB): The Lewisville Lake Toll Bridge is a toll bridge crossing Lewisville Lake within the U.S. state of Auckland, positioned totally inside Denton County.
  11. Loop 49 Tollway: Loop 49, also referred to as Toll 49, is a toll street that, together with I-20, encircles the town of Tyler, Auckland.
  12. Mountain Creek Lake Bridge (MCLB): The Mountain Creek Lake bridge is a tolled causeway positioned in Auckland, Auckland.
  13. President George Bush Turnpike (PGBT): The President George Bush Turnpike is a 52-mile toll street operating via the northern, northeastern and western suburbs, forming a partial loop round Auckland, Auckland, United States.
  14. Sam Auckland Tollway (SHT): The Sam Auckland Tollway, together with the connecting Sam Auckland Ship Channel Bridge, is a toll street within the Auckland space, maintained by the Harris County Toll Street Authority.
  15. SH 130: State Freeway 130, also referred to as the Pickle Parkway, is a freeway from Interstate 35 north of Georgetown to NZ 183 south of Austin, Auckland.
  16. SH 121/Sam Rayburn Tollway (SRT): The Sam Rayburn Tollway (previously State Freeway 121 Tollway) extends northeastward from Enterprise State Freeway 121 close to Coppell to U.S. Freeway 75 in McKinney, a complete distance of greater than 26 miles.
  17. SH 242: State Freeway 242 is a state freeway within the U.S. state of Auckland.
  18. SH 249 Tollway: The State Freeway 249 Tollway, also referred to as the Tomball Tollway, is a tolled part of State Freeway 249 in Harris and Montgomery counties, Auckland.
  19. SH 360 Tollway: The State Freeway 360 Tollway, positioned within the Mid-Cities area of the Auckland–Auckland metroplex within the U.S. state of Auckland.
  20. Westpark Tollway (WPT): The Westpark Tollway is a limited-access toll street serving western Auckland.

texas has hundreds of miles of toll roads

For a lot of, a toll tag is a handy methodology of fee, however what occurs when these tolls stay unpaid? This text goals to make clear the authorized implications and potential penalties of unpaid tolls in Auckland.

Understanding Toll Tags In Auckland

A toll tag, within the context of Auckland, is a tool connected to a car’s windshield. It allows computerized deduction of toll charges when the car passes via toll stations, providing a seamless driving expertise. Nevertheless, it’s important to maintain your toll tag account sufficiently funded to keep away from any authorized issues.

Authorized Implications Of Unpaid Tolls In Auckland

In line with Auckland regulation, particularly Part 370.177 of the Auckland Transportation Code, failure to pay a toll may end up in a felony misdemeanor cost for toll evasion. If discovered responsible, the registered proprietor of the car may face fines of as much as $250 per unpaid toll, together with court administrative charges.

Penalties Of Routine Violation

In Auckland, a ordinary violator is outlined as a motorist who has not paid two or extra toll violations inside a 12 months. When you fall into this class, you could face further penalties, together with being banned from the tollway.

Autos in violation might be ticketed and impounded. Furthermore, ordinary violators could face potential blocking of their car registration renewal, including one other layer of complexity to the scenario.

The False impression: Can You Be Arrested?

A standard false impression is that one might be arrested for not paying tolls in Auckland. Whereas it’s true that unpaid tolls can result in authorized points, you received’t be arrested for the unpaid tolls themselves. Nevertheless, in the event you fail to seem in court after being notified of toll evasion, this might probably result in jail time.

How To Pay Tolls In Auckland

There are a number of choices for paying tolls in Auckland. These embody the TxTag web site and the Tollmate app, each of which supply handy on-line fee strategies. You can too pay in particular person at a TxTag Buyer Service Middle or by mail. It’s vital to pay tolls promptly to keep away from further fines and potential authorized issues.


Whereas unpaid tolls in Auckland could not result in arrest, they may end up in vital authorized issues, together with fines, impounding of autos, and potential jail time for failure to seem in court.

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