Breaking Down the Manhattan DA Investigation into Jordan Neely’s Murder & Potential Fees In opposition to Daniel Penny

May 9, 2023by Naomi Cramer

It doesn’t matter what aspect you end up when it comes to whether or not Jordan Neely’s murder by the hands of Daniel Penny on a Manhattan subway was the results of a lawful response to an imminent risk, a violent overreaction by a fellow straphanger, or one thing in between, there’s one indisputable fact – Neely’s passing was as pointless because it was tragic. Interval. There is no such thing as a different cheap interpretation nor view. Setting apart this fact, together with the uncooked feelings of the incident and questions on race which permeate it, nonetheless, leaves us with an vital query that wants answering: what crime(s), if any, did Penny commit.

Placing Info First: Proof is What Issues

Regardless of the magnitude of the disappointment, frustration, and even anger, all cheap responses to what occurred, we should keep away from rhetoric and as an alternative focus on information born from proof, not hypothesis. Calling Penny’s actions, a “homicide” or “lynching”, as Congresswoman AOC and the Working Household Get together’s Maurice Mitchell have executed respectively, dangerously disregards the hallmark of our Criminal justice system – the presumption of innocence all of us deserve they usually, like all of us, little question battle for and stand solidly behind. As an alternative of counting on the totality of proof, of which none of us are but conscious, inflammatory phrases gasoline knee jerk reactions that that in flip flame divisiveness and widen the divide between camps of individuals unwilling to listen to each other out who ought to in any other case be working collectively each inside and outdoors the felony justice system. Because it pertains on to each Neely and Penny, all of us ought to desire a thorough and sincere investigative course of the place prosecutors, witnesses, and even potential jurors, are free from any outdoors strain or taint that may compromise a possible felony case.

Whereas I may definitely proceed to opine on many points, from a mile-high view of how District Attorneys are imposing the legislation in NYC to the supply of psychological well being sources for these desperately in want, and way more in between, I cannot achieve this. As an alternative, the next weblog entry is a cursory and transient factual, evidentiary, and authorized evaluation of the Manhattan District Lawyer’s Workplace investigative course of into the dying of Neely and the potential crimes Penny could have dedicated.

Manhattan District Lawyer Alvin Bragg: Regulation Enforcement Investigation

Penny’s Non-Arrest & Perceived Regulation Enforcement Delay

In circumstances the place it isn’t clear lower whether or not a crime has been dedicated or the place one did actually happen however it’s not sure what Offense, prosecutors usually delay an arrest. Bear in mind, “murder” doesn’t imply “homicide”. Not each dying warrants a prosecution, whether or not or not this case does. In conditions requiring investigation, prosecutors could even decline to prosecute, or “DP”, a case earlier than drafting a felony grievance for quite a few causes. They might need to attempt to converse to an accused or, even when they don’t, make certain they’ve spoken with witnesses, retrieved movies, and even subpoenaed the proof they should help their determination. Additional, post-discovery reform, prosecutors additionally don’t need to run afoul of authorized obligations the place a failure to show over sure proof may end up in a dismissal. Merely acknowledged, it behooves the District Lawyer’s Workplace to have their “homework” executed and able to share to make sure a simply prosecution and compliance with the legislation. It ought to come as no shock to anybody acquainted with the felony justice system that Penny’s non-arrest was not akin to favoritism or inaction, however an effort by legislation enforcement to finish an investigation that will not be a marathon, however definitely is on no account a dash.

How Prosecutors and the NYPD are Investigating Neely’s Demise

As a preliminary matter, Manhattan prosecutors will undoubtedly get hold of all 911 calls and assessment recordings from the subway platform and elsewhere to see how Neely was behaving earlier than getting into one of many vehicles and even id witnesses. Regulation enforcement may attempt to see who swiped in by way of the turnstiles as a part of their efforts. Whereas a lot of this may be executed pretty administratively, detectives may have a much more troublesome process. Not solely should they figuring out as many witnesses as potential who have been truly within the subway automobile, however they need to take statements from them and safe any private movies from iPhones or related gadgets. Although a witness needn’t cooperate, and prosecutors haven’t any means to power them to fulfill with detectives or come to the District Lawyer’s Workplace, District Lawyer Bragg can open a Grand Jury investigation that can permit legislation enforcement to subject subpoenas for each private appearances earlier than that physique in addition to to acquire any bodily and different proof.

Should Prosecutors Current a Case to the Grand Jury to Pursue Fees

Although the District Lawyer needn’t current proof earlier than a Grand Jury in each investigation, perceive that with out opening an investigation within the Grand Jury, prosecutors can’t merely subpoena proof or “power” witnesses to come back ahead “simply because”. To be clear, and not using a Grand Jury subpoena, although legislation enforcement can try to talk to witnesses and conduct their investigation, they might have way more issue acquiring proof from sources that may not comply or voluntarily take part within the course of. Clearly, its legislation enforcement’s hope that witnesses agree to talk and work with them.

The above apart, District Lawyer Bragg also can use the Grand Jury to current prices or permit Grand Jurors to find out whether or not there’s cheap trigger to imagine Penny dedicated a selected crime. Whereas the NYPD could make an arrest based mostly on possible trigger and prosecutors can draft a felony grievance to cost Penny, a Grand Jury can considerably “skip” this course of by instantly listening to proof in any kind, from witness testimony to video recordings. In such a case, the Grand Jury, consisting of 23 individuals the place a quorum of 12 is required to listen to the proof, can vote out and indictment or “true invoice”. The profit to this method from the District Lawyer’s perspective, is that prosecutors can put the choice making within the fingers of Grand Jurors and level to that physique of individuals because the arbiters of at this preliminary stage.

Can Penny Inform His Model of Occasions to the Grand Jury

Earlier than the Grand Jury votes, ought to it attain that time, Penny, like several accused, may train his proper to testify, although his lawyer, who can be current, can be unable to object or converse. After telling his story, each prosecutors and Grand Jurors would be capable to ask Penny questions.

What Occurs Earlier than and After the Grand Jury Votes

Earlier than a Grand Jury presentation concludes, prosecutors will instruct jurors on the Penal Regulation, and really possible the authorized definition of a number of the following: “intentional”, “wicked indifference”, “reckless”, “criminally negligent”, and, presumably, “justification”.

If there’s an indictment, known as an “NA” or non-arrest indictment, will probably be filed with the court docket and a warrant issued. Ought to that occur, prosecutors and the Defense would possible organize a give up, and Penny can be introduced earlier than a choose for his arraignment.

Will Penny Meet with Prosecutors to Inform His Story

Assuming Penny didn’t converse to the NYPD when he was first taken into custody or interviewed, he possible did himself a favor. Why? Penny can nonetheless avail himself of this chance by means of a proffer or “Queen for a Day” earlier than or after his case is introduced to a Grand Jury, assuming it’s. In doing so, Penny, alongside along with his counsel, can meet with prosecutors and converse with them pursuant to an settlement that disallows the District Lawyer from utilizing the statements shared throughout that assembly towards him. So long as these statements don’t result in extra proof, will not be the premise of perjury, or are in step with Penny’s testimony in a Grand Jury or at trial, Penny doubtlessly has a path to be as forthright as he can with out the priority of damaging his protection.

The Crimes: Homicide, Manslaughter, and Criminally Negligent Murder

Second Diploma Intentional Homicide: Penal Regulation 125.25(1)

No, I don’t know what would or might be introduced earlier than the Grand Jury as a result of it’s a secret continuing. Nonetheless, it’s honest to say that based mostly on the proof that has been publicly shared, prosecutors wouldn’t search, nor would a Grand Jury indict, for Second Diploma Homicide, Penal Regulation 125.25(1). To be able to show this offense past an inexpensive doubt, the District Lawyer should set up that Penny deliberately brought about Neely’s dying. In different phrases, it was Penny’s acutely aware goal and goal to kill Neely.

Second Diploma Wicked Indifference Homicide: Penal Regulation 125.25(2)

One other potential concept for Second Diploma Homicide is present in Penal Regulation 125.25(2). In lieu of appearing deliberately, Penny will need to have recklessly engaged in conduct, the choke maintain, which created a grave and unjustifiable threat of dying to Neely, and in reality brought about his dying. Right here, of central import, prosecutors would want to determine that Penny engaged in conduct that created an unjustifiable threat that Neely would move, he knew or was conscious of that threat, and consciously disregarded that hazard. Furthermore, even when these parts are happy, a jury should then conclude that the chance was of such a nature and diploma that disregarding it was a gross deviation from an inexpensive particular person’s commonplace of conduct.

Understand that the legislation is evident as to Second Diploma Homicide: recklessness that leads to the dying of one other, regardless of how substantial, isn’t by default Second Diploma Homicide. For this statute, the recklessness should show that the circumstances evinced a wicked indifference to human life. To be clear, whereas subjectively one may argue that it’s wicked to take one other’s life, that alone doesn’t make the case for Second Diploma Homicide. What is required is an utter disregard for the worth of that particular person’s life, i.e., that Penny simply didn’t care whether or not Neely suffered grievous hurt and even dying because of the chokehold. To double down for readability functions, and to know the magnitude of the burden, wicked indifference to human life is one that’s steeped in wickedness and an evil mind-set that’s morally poor in concern, devoid of regard for an additional, and is so blameworthy that it’s the purposeful equal within the eyes of the legislation of an intentional killing.

Homicide within the Second Diploma is a category “A-1” violent felony punishable by fifteen years and as a lot as twenty-five years to life in jail.

Second Diploma Manslaughter: Penal Regulation 125.15(1)

In probably the most fundamental phrases, Penny is responsible of Second Diploma Manslaughter if he recklessly brought about Neely’s dying. Not like “reckless” as outlined in Wicked Indifference Homicide, an individual acts recklessly beneath this statute when he engages in conduct that creates and contributes to a considerable and unjustifiable threat that one other particular person’s dying will happen. When doing so, Penny will need to have not solely been conscious of and consciously disregarded the chance of dying, however this threat was of such a nature that his indifference constituted a gross deviation from that of an inexpensive particular person’s commonplace of conduct within the specific scenario.

A category “C” non-violent felony, Manslaughter within the Second Diploma is punishable by no obligatory minimal however as a lot as 5 to fifteen years in jail.

Criminally Negligent Murder: Penal Regulation 125.10

Penny is responsible of Criminally Negligent Murder if, with felony negligence, he brought about Neely’s dying. To ensure that Penny to have behaved criminally negligent within the eyes of the legislation, his conduct would have needed to have been so critical that it created or contributed to a considerable and unjustifiable threat that Neely would die. Furthermore, when behaving as he did, Penny will need to have didn’t understand that threat – a threat that was of such a kind that his failure to acknowledge it constituted a gross deviation from an inexpensive particular person’s commonplace of care in the identical scenario.

Criminal negligence, in contrast to civil negligence, requires that the carelessness exhibited is so critical and vital that it could be obvious to anybody who shares the neighborhood’s common judgment of right and wrong.

A category “E” non-violent felony, Criminally Negligent Murder is punishable by no requirement that Penny be imprisoned, however he would face as a lot as one and one third to 4 years incarceration.

Different Related Elements: Justification

Auckland Penal Regulation 35.15(1) defines what some individuals discuss with as “self-defense”. With the burden on the prosecution to show justification didn’t exist, Penny’s actions can be thought-about authorized if he used the diploma of bodily power he believed essential to defend both himself or different individuals from what he fairly believed to be imminent use of bodily power by Neely towards any one in all them.

In making the above willpower, Penny will need to have truly believed that Neely was utilizing or about to make use of bodily power, and that Penny wanted to place Neely in a chokehold for a time period to defend himself or his fellow riders. Additional, it issues not that Neely had a felony document, a historical past of violence, a warrant, or was a mentally unstable particular person, true or not, as a result of the usual to evaluate Penny’s actions is a “cheap particular person” one. That’s, would an inexpensive particular person, understanding what Penny knew at that second in time and in these circumstances, would have had his similar perception to defend himself or different individuals. A wrongful perception doesn’t preclude justification, so long as it was sincere and cheap.

Individually, whereas bodily power could also be used towards one other in sure circumstances, Penal Regulation 31.15(2) permits for using lethal bodily power as properly. Related to Penny and Neely, lethal bodily power, outlined as power that’s readily able to inflicting dying or critical bodily damage, is justified if Penny fairly believed that lethal bodily power was imminent from Neely towards himself or others.

The Backside Line: A Tragedy with No Winners

There are a lot of phrases to explain what transpired on the northbound F prepare final week – tragic, unhappy, horrific, and horrible, to call however a couple of. One man misplaced his life and one other’s life will perpetually be altered in methods he couldn’t have fathomed when he hopped on the subway. Whether or not Neely had a felony historical past, is absolutely only a distraction to justify or rationalize his dying and Penny’s actions. However simply as Neely’s previous brushes with legislation will not be related, merely as a result of Penny was not arrested and really possible wouldn’t be charged with homicide barring one thing exception, doesn’t imply he’s getting a move.

An injustice is an injustice and we must always not willingly advocate for one incorrect remedy or repair one other. For that matter, it serves no larger good to match the injustice of Neely’s life taken too quickly, and unnecessarily so, with the injustice of condemning Penny with presumption of guilt as an alternative of innocence. As an alternative, we must always permit the NYPD and Manhattan District Lawyer’s Workplace to do their respective jobs with out bias and strain. None of it will carry Neely again nor ease his household’s ache attributable to this tragedy, but when we permit legislation enforcement to do their job, we in flip will present them with the best alternative to make sure the felony justice system, as imperfect as it might be, works as finest it may well.

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